Friday, 24 April 2015

New Instore at Iceland - Part 2!

A few more new items that I spotted in Iceland recently. 

Iceland Cone Sensations Peanut & Banana (above): Another interesting flavour from Iceland, especially for an ice cream cone. This one has a peanut flavoured ice cream with a banana sauce in the middle. Only £1.00p for 4 cones.

Iceland Black Forest Cheesecake: This is a combination of chocolate cheesecake, decorated with cream, morello cherries and topped with dark chocolate flakes. I think Iceland had a similar cheesecake previously but that one contained brandy. £1.50p each.

Massive Ben & Jerry's tubs: This is not a new product but I don't recall ever seeing Ben & Jerry's ice cream in such big tubs before! Iceland has 750ml tubs, instead of the usual 500ml tubs (like the Dairy Milk tubs in the photo above), in the Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Cookie Dough varieties. £4.00p each. 

Iceland Majestics Cookie Orange Crunch: I mentioned the new Peach Melba flavoured Majestics in my previous post but there is also this new Cookie Orange Crunch variety available. Both are very original flavours for ice cream sticks. £1.50p - pack of 3.

Iceland King Cones: These monsters are more than DOUBLE the size of a regular ice cream cone. They're certainly going against the trend of mini versions of ice creams. Available in Vanilla or Chocolate. £2.00p - pack of 2.

Iceland Cheesy Potato Swirls: I didn't really look at these too closely but they're frozen swirls of mashed potato with added cheese (Red Leicester). £1.00 each pack.

Iceland Dipping Chips: These are described on the front as "scoop shaped chips". From what I could see, they look like wider chips with a deep groove down the middle. Available in Chip Shop Curry and Garlic & Rosemary varieties. £1.00p each pack .

Let me know if you've spotted any other new products at Iceland or if you've tried any of the products above!

Review: Limited Edition Capri Sun BanApple Drink (Minions)

I don't usually buy sugary drinks like these but I couldn't resist trying this limited edition banana and apple flavoured drink from Capri-Sun. It's just such an unusual combination for a squash and as a fan of anything banana flavoured I had to give them a go.

The Capri-Sun BanApple is a still fruit juice drink which is made from water, fruit juices (banana 3%, apple 3%, lemon and lime) with sugar and natural flavourings. The flavour here is mainly a sweet banana one, which I'll happily admit that I really enjoyed! It's a bit like the sweet flavour that is found in a banana foam sweet or ice lolly. The apple only comes through as a background flavour, with the banana being far stronger overall. This is one of those flavours that is very love/hate. My eldest son thought it was horrible whilst my youngest son gave it the thumbs up. It's definitely worth a try if you're a fan of banana as a flavour.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Capri-Sun BanApple

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition: 76 calories per 200ml pouch.
Purchased: Asda.
Price: £1.94 (pack of 10).

Review: Haribo Tangy Minions

A quick review of the Haribo Tangy Minions sweets. Last year I reviewed the Haribo Minions, which jelly sweets, so I was keen to also try this recent sour version too.

There are two main sweets in the pack; the classic blue and yellow Minions and a red and orange version that I assume is the evil Minions. Some of the blue and yellow candies were also foam backed, although there were hardly any of those in my pack (two in total). 

Both flavours in these Tangy Minions are quite generically fruity, it's hard to pin down the exact flavours at play. At a push I would say the blue and yellow sweets have a sweet and tangy apple and blackcurrant type of flavour, whilst the red and orange ones have more of a citrus/tropical edge to them. However, it's the tangy coating and sour combination which really makes these sweets extra tasty and superior to the original Haribo Minions (which were quite bland in comparison). 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Haribo Tangy Minions

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Asda.
Price: £1.00.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Review: Kellogg's Disney Frozen Cereal

Aswell as the recent Star Wars cereal, Kellogg's have also launched this cool looking Disney Frozen cereal. I bought both from Asda for only £2.00p each (they're also currently available on a 3 for £5 if you want to stock up). 

The Kellogg's Disney Frozen cereal is made with a blend of rice, maize, and wholegrain oats, in a mix of star and ball (snowball perhaps?) shapes. I was pleased when I heard that this cereal is a "sweetened vanilla" flavour as it's actually surprisingly hard to find a simple vanilla flavoured cereal for children. Most cereals of this type tend to be honey flavoured which my kids are not particularly keen on, but they both enjoyed the vanilla flavour here. It's nicely sweet, without being too overpowering and keeps it's flavour well in the milk. I have to admit that I've been enjoying this cereal as a snack too (just dry cereal in a bowl but it's really good!).

Just like the Kellogg's Star Wars cereal, the packaging is really well done and looks wonderful. There isn't a back or front to the box, with both sides featuring different characters in full - either Anna & Elsa or a cheeky Olaf. 

Overall we all really enjoyed this new Kellogg's Disney Frozen cereal, especially the sweet vanilla flavour. It's interesting to note that the US version of this cereal (also by Kellogg's) contains additional blue and white marshmallow pieces (see last photo here).

Have you tried this cereal yet? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Grocery Gems Review: Kellogg's Disney Frozen Cereal

RATING: 8 out of 10,
Buy them again?: Yes.
 114 calories (per 30g serving).
Vegetarian: Yes.
Price: £2.00p (350g box).

Kenco Millicano Dark Roast Wholebean Instant Coffee

Even though I have a Nespresso machine and a cafetiere I still like to keep a jar or two of instant coffee in the cupboards for busy mornings or when I just fancy a change. Unlike most instant coffees, Kenco Millicano also contains finely milled wholebean coffee (around 15%), to give an aroma and taste that is more reminiscent of roast and ground coffees. I was sent their newest addition, the  Kenco Millicano Dark Roast, to try.

I like the packaging and the fact that the Kenco Millicano comes in a tin, much easier to deal with in the morning than a heavy glass jar. The appearance of the coffee is appealing too, with large granules and an absolutely mouthwatering rich coffee aroma. It's simple to make too, with one or two spoonfuls according to taste and hot water, just off the boil. I found one and a half spoonfuls created the best results for mee. It's also a good idea to stir it immediately when adding the hot water.

Once made, the coffee looks similar to any other instant coffee, although you can get little flecks of the ground coffee, especially towards the bottom. The flavour is definitely reminiscent of a ground coffee but with the smoother influence of the instant coffee too. It's a good blend of both and creates a very smooth and strong morning cup of coffee. I much prefer the flavour here in this Dark Roast to the original Kenco Millicano coffee (which I've tried in the past) which I found had a bitter aftertaste. I was pleased that there was no such bitterness in this Dark Roast, it has a much richer and cleaner flavour. Of course, it's not a replacement for freshly ground coffee, as the flavour is not as strong as that, but the added milled ground coffee does make is a lot more flavourful then many other instant coffees.

Kenco is supporting a project called Coffee vs Gangs which helps young and vulnerable young people in Honduras a chance to train as coffee farmers - offering an alternative to gangs and a chance at a better future. For more information:

PR Samples.
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